Google Maps for Wineries

Wineries, especially those with tasting rooms or cellar door sales can attract more customers if their winery is mapped properly by Google.

Many people now use Google and Google maps for planning their travel, including their tours to wine country.

An Example of Wineries Using Google Maps

This is the map you will see if you search Google for Wineries Clare.

Clare Valley Wineries on Google Maps

Or at least that's what I found on 19/07/2102.

There are 12 wineries mapped, listed A to J. Now I reckon there are about 4 times that many wineries in the Clare Valley Region of South Australia.

Where are the others? They are missing a free marketing opportunity.

Why are Google Maps important for your winery?

These days getting your business in front of consumers is more important than ever. People are using a wide range of new technologies where in the past they relied on the Yellow Pages and printed guides.

Effective Tweeting for Wineries

Effective Tweeting for Wineries
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And it's not just the young people who are using iPads and smart phones, to research and buy products. We Baby Boomers are turning on to this as well.

If your winery is listed on Google Maps people can add your winery to their itinerary when they are visiting the region, or they will find out about you when searching for one of your neighbours, or perhaps they will see your winery when searching Google for driving directions from A to Z.

A bonus is that there is a link to your winery website where you may be able to sell wine to someone who is not visiting your region just yet.

It all adds up to potentially more sales for you, through the cellar door, and over the net.

How can you get your winery onto Google Maps?

Well this is free and very simple. You don't need to be a web master, just follow these basic steps.

  1. See if your winery is already listed in Google Maps. Do a search on Google for wineries {your region} you can put in your region's formal name or the nearest large town for {your region}. Click on the map to explore if your winery is there, and to check out your neighbours.
  2. If your winery is not listed go to If you have a Google account you need to log in and just add your business. If you don't have a Google account you can create one for free. A google account is useful for other tools to help your business on the internet.
  3. Follow the prompts to add your business. Put all of the required information in carefully, you can come back to edit it later but the more information you put in the more chance you have of being found, on the map, and on the ground.
  4. Use keywords in your description box. List the varieties you use or any specialties.
  5. You can be listed in up to five categories. Use Winery (of course) but also consider cafe, accommodation or wedding venue as appropriate.
  6. Add some photos to stand out from the crowd! Some bottle shots, labels, pics of yourself, the winery dog or just your logo. These will get published as thumbnails on the map.
  7. That's it! If this information has been useful to you then please leave a comment in the box below, or use the Twitter or Facebook buttons to tell your friends.
  8. Need more help? Contact Me

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