Gamay Noir in Australia

by Gerry
(Adelaide, S.A.)

A Gamay from Tasmania

A Gamay from Tasmania

Gerry Asks:

Any Australian wines from the Gamay Noir grape?

Darby replies

First let's clear up some naming issues.

Gamay Noir is perhaps the more correct name for the main Gamay variety.

There are dozens of synonyms most including the word Gamay or a spelling variation such as Gamai. Of the synonyms that don't mention Gamay perhaps the most important are Beaujolais, Bourguignon Noir, Grosse Dole, Lyonnais or Plant Robert.

Unrelated varieties such as Abouriou, Blaufrankisch or Grolleau have synonyms with Gamay or close spellings in their name.

'Napa Gamay' is in fact Valdiguie - a once popular variety from SW France.

Gamay Teinturier De Bouze is a possibly related but different variety. The Teinturier part of the name indicates that the juice is coloured, most red wine grapes have clear juice, the colour of the wines is derived from the pigments in the skin.

Getting Back to Gerry's Question:

Yes, Gerry there is Gamay Noir in Australia. But it is mostly referred to as just Gamay here.

See more about Gamay in Australia including a list of producers.

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