A Directory of Wine Grape Varieties in Australia

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This directory aims to include all of alternative varieties used to make Australian wine. Various sources have been used to compile this Directory. It is subject to revision. You can help by sending feedback about errors or omissions.


Gamay is best known for its role in Beaujolais, but it also plays a role in producing spicy reds and roses in the lower Loire Valley. In Switzerland it is blended with Pinot Noir to produce a wine known as Dole. There are quite a few plantings in Australia across a broad range of climate, from Southern Tasmania, the Mornington Peninsula, North Eastern Victoria, Hunter Valley and the Granite Belt in Queensland. More about Gamay


Spanish name for Grenache, see below.


This is the white grape variety used to produce Soave and other Northern Italian Wines. It is prone to overproduction and thus to fairly bland wines. It can also produce a sweet wine called Recioto.

Domain Day in the Barossa Valley is one Australian producer of this rare varietal wine.


This variety is best known for its wines from Alsace but it is widely planted in Europe. In Australia it is also known as Traminer, especially in the warmer regions where it is used as a blending companion for Riesling. In cooler regions it produces highly aromatic wines, which lead many to assume that they are sweet wines.
More about Gewurztraminer

Gouais Blanc

This variety now seems to be extinct in its native France, but it seems to have left plenty of descndants such as Chardonnay. Chambers Rosewood seems to be tha last bastion of Gouais.


A red grape variety that is making a comeback in Rioja where it plays second fiddle to Tempranillo. It is also grown in Southern France where it carries the name Morrastel. In Spain the term Morrastel refers to the variety Monastrell, or Mourvedre. (Vin O'Diversity thinks that this is a bit Irish!) Whatever, the wine is strongly aromatic and can make interesting blending material as well as a straight varietal.

Brown Brothers in NE Victoria, The Grove Vineyard in Margaret River, and Vinifera Wines in Mudgee are Australian producers.

Grenache/Grenache Noir

Also known by its Spanish names of Garnacha and Garnacha Tinta. There is also a white grape relative Grenache blanc or Garnacha blanca. Rarer grey and pink varieties are also found under the names of Grenache gris and Grenache rose

Grenache is one of the most widely planted wine grapes in the world. It is especially dominant in the wine regions of Southern France and Spain.

In Australia Grenache has always played a significant role as blending material in South Australian red wines, as a straight varietal and as rose. It fell from favour in the 1980s and was subject to government sponsored vine pulling schemes. It is now enjoying a revival in its own right as well as in Grenache-Shiraz-Mourvedre blends. More about Grenache.

Gruner Veltliner

This white wine variety is the major grape of Austria. No doubt we will see more of it in Australia over the next few years.




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