Finished wine bottle etiquette

by Marie

Darby singing Blue Moon with red eye and red wine

Darby singing Blue Moon with red eye and red wine

Marie Asks:

When you finish a bottle of wine should you turn the bottle upsidedown in the wine cooler? This was done at a pub to let the waitress know the wine was finished.

Darby Says

Which pub do you drink at Marie? I saw this done about 20 years ago but thought it was a passing phase. I think it makes the patron look like a yobbo. Perhaps you think so as well, hence your question. Apparently bikies turn a glass up on the bar if they want a fight.

Wine etiquette varies with fashion, some things seem ultra cool to some people but are a bit off for others. My pet peeve is waiters who keep topping up your glasses.

If one of my friends was so boorish to do this I would unfriend them on facebook and detwitter them for good measure. But perhaps I'm showing my age.

As you can see from the image above I am a great role model of wine etiquette.

Are there any Vinodiversity readers under 60 who care to comment?

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May 24, 2016
OK by me!
by: Anonymous

I don't regard myself or my friends the least big bogan-like and yet we do this. We do it simply to signify to the wait staff that we have finished the bottle and would like another. Yes, we could simply catch their attention and advise them of this sorry situation, but that can often take time if the eatery is busy. By putting the bottle upside down, our message is delivered and we can continue conversing until it received. Makes sense to me!

PS. By the way, I'm in my 40s, in case you were wondering

Nov 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

My parents-in-law drive me nuts by doing this every time we go out for dinner. They are Rotarians, which may or may not be relevant.

If you ask me it's about as polite as clicking your fingers and shouting garcon.

Jackie from Melbourne (once upon a time)

Darby Says: Interesting observation Jackie, not sure though why you think it's because they're Rotarians, maybe it's because they are in-laws, who can be just as bad.

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