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The anti-French revolution has been sweeping the Australian wine scene for over a decade. While there is still plenty of Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay around grapegrowers, winemakers and consumers are looking for something new.

More than a hundred grape varieties are now being used commercially in Australia, and the list growing.

The varietal wine scene is changing rapidly. New wineries are opening, new varieties are being released every day. Now in a handy paperback guide you can keep up with what is happening at the innovative end of Australian wine.

  • If you have tried and enjoyed an Arneis, where can you find some more?
  • What is Lagrein - red or white, French or Italian
  • How many producers of Pinot Grigio are there in Australia?
  • Where are the best regions for growing Petit Verdot?
  • Why is Verdelho becoming more popular, despite what the critics say?
  • Which new varieties are becoming popular in the Barossa Valley?
  • Will Sangiovese or Tempranillo become the most popular alternative red variety

In just one book, Emerging Varietal Wines of Australia you will be able to access information about a hundred grape varieties, nearly a thousand wineries, and about sixty wine regions.

And that's not all! As well as being about emerging varieties, this guide is being delivered to you by emerging publishing technology. The Print on Demand method means that a copy is printed and dispatched to you within two days. And with a worldwide network of printers, the publisher will send your copy from the nearest printer, saving you time and shipping costs. It's environmentally friendly too, no trees are wasted printing thousand of copies that will never be sold.

Back to the book. Emerging Varietal Wines of Australia is quite a small paperback (about 220 pages)... but it is packed with information.

  • You will now be able to attack a restaurant wine list without wondering what half of the wines are
  • You won't be intimidated by snooty friends who think they know all the latest wines
  • Your visits to wineries and liquor shops will be become voyages of discovery, rather than just another chore
  • When travelling in Australian wine regions you will know which wineries are at the cutting edge
  • You will increase your appreciation of wine by learning more about the fascinating story of wine
  • Wine is most enjoyable when shared. You will be able to enhance your wine experience with informed discussion

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