Black Wines of Cahors

by Darby

The Cahors region in South West France is justly famous for its "Black Wines, made from Malbec.

The name predates phylloxera which destroyed the industry in Cahors. Wine making has only just got onto its feet over the past two decades.

I tried a bottle of "Carte Noir" Cahors red recently. The wine was indeed deeply coloured, but it was light in body and tannin. However there was a certain ruggedness about the wine, just like it said on the label. Also on the label was the alcohol content, in this case just 11%. You don't need high alcohol to have a wine that is robust and enjoyable.

Now this was a very drinkable wine but the varietal character shone through. It was by no means a wimps wine, I would happily serve it with Tuolousse sausages here or even Bull-Boar sausages at home.

The price, about 4 Euros a bottle in the supermarket.

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