Wine Books by Andre Domine

Red Wine

From the grape to the winery to the nose to the palate in a colourful journey. Andre Domine's small book, sort of a mini coffee table book, but about wine, is gorgeously illustrated and packs lots of information into its hundred pages.

  • There is a wonderful glossary which allows you to say "gamy, mellow, tannic" in German, French, Italian and Spanish.
  • How about anatomical diagram of the nose and the olfactory hot spots therein
  • Or an explanation of the benefits of bathing in Red Wine, illustrated by a coy but evocative photograph
  • Perhaps you would enjoy the recipe for "Turkish Blood" which calls for an unsprayed lemon.

White Wine

Andre Domine is an award winning German wine writer who lives in a wine village in the South Of France. You may have seen his monumental work Culinaria France.

  • This is a delightful and informative book. There are beautiful, witty and informative illustrations on every page, many by the renowned photographer Armin Faber.
  • The listing of the top ten white varieties contains no real surprises, but the three rising stars outside the ten are Albarino, Roussanne and Aligote
  • Page 36 is given over to a discussion of the relative merits of tank versus barrique, along with an explanation of batonage.
  • Again there is a useful glossary to allow you to discuss the flavours of white wine in five European languages. On the more practical side there are a few pages of advice about serving temperature and choice of glassware.

Both of these books are a joy to look at and both contain useful information. They are available as a bonus if you join the Tahbilk Wine Club, but only if you do so via this page

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