Albarino and Vinho Verde wines

by Caroline
(NY, NY)

Caroline asks,

I love Albarino and Vinho Verde wines, but can't afford to spend a lot of money. I know that you don't have to spend a lot on a good bottle of wine, but I still can't seem to find a good bottle of Albarino or Vinho Verde in my price range that I really like.

What are some good bottles I can try for $20 and under?

Darby Says

These wine are cheap delicious everyday wines in their place of origin. Unfortunately the economics of export/import seems to make them a little out of the price range for everyday (or every week drinking)

In Australia we seem to only get the cheap and faulty wines or the dearer ($40+) wines from Europe, however when I travel in Europe I can find plenty of excellent wine for around $7-10.

I don't know the situation in New York but I imagine it is the same. Your query indicates that it might be the case.

What you need to do is find some passionate specialist importer hiding up a back street somewhere - I know there is one in NY just don't ask me where. Ask around in Spanish/Portuguese restaurants or bars, see if there are any online forums you can post a question to.

Maybe a Vinodiversity reader can help you here via a comment.

Maybe or another online store might have something of interest.

PS If you like the Portuguese Vinho Verde you may also enjoy the Basque dry white wine Txakoli.

Good luck.

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