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Wine traveller? Please help help
February 09, 2016

Are you a wine traveller? I want your help

I have been travelling to wine regions for decades but now I’d like to share my experiences.

I have recently branched out into sharing stories about wine travel. EST! Wine Tours Magazine is free, if you have an iPad or iPhone I hope you have already subscribed.

There its plenty of information about wine destinations online but I want to inspire my readers.

I want them to consider different wine destinations, beyond the Barossa, not just Napa, instead of Tuscany, as well as Burgundy. Let them consider wine tours to Cahors, Salta, Puglia, Germany, Galicia, Geographe. And I want readers to have deeper experiences in those regions, really getting to know them rather than just passing through.

I’d like your help in sharing stories about some of the the stunning wine destinations around the world.

Here are some of the ways you can help.

Read about EST! Wine Touring

Tell your friends about EST!

I need more subscribers as I finance the production by advertisements. If I don’t get more advertisers the magazine will fold. Advertisers want to spend in publications with large circulations. You can help the circulation by spreading the word, offline and in your newsletters and blogs. As well as liking or following EST! on social media you can invite your friends to like or follow as well. Or just forward this email on to your wine travelling friends.

Telling your friends about EST! is a win-win-win situation that benefits

  1. your friends who get some free reading material
  2. you because your friends will love you even more
  3. EST! who needs the circulation.

Maybe you’d like to share your wine touring stories

There are a few different ways to contribute, and perhaps get your blog more widely read or earn a few dollars on the side.

To get started you might like to look at this post.

One last thing. Please tell me what wine destinations will you visit this year?

Maybe we can line up some stories for that region.



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