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An couple of notices and a request fro help
October 24, 2015

Two quick notices

I will be unable to mail out De Long’s Wine Grape Varietal Table and Maps between 29 October and 6 December. I am also temporarily out of stock for the Italy Wine Maps.

If you wish to buy any of these products, (Variety Table, Maps of California, France, Germany, Spain & Portugal, South America) please order before 28 October.


I’d like to remind you about my new publication EST! Wine Tours which is available for free from the App store.

The magazine covers different wine destinations around the world. If you have followed Vinodiversity for a while you will know what I mean by different. The first issue of EST! Wine Tours included stories about Adelaide Hills, Loire Valley, Paris, Portugal, Santorini and Tasmania.

The second issue, to be published soon, will include Slovenia and NE Italy, Salta, and Rioja.

EST! Wine Tours is published for iPads and iPhones you can download it and read it offline. Ideal for armchair travel as well as reading on a long flight.

I’d like you to help me with this magazine.

Maybe you have some wine travel stories you’d like to share. Something a little off beat or quirky, even. A few good images, a story about a different destination or a experience you have had in your travels. Of course your story will be fully acknowledged in the magazine and a link made back to your blog or website if you wish. (unless you want to remain anonymous)

Even if you don’t want to share a travel story you can help me enormously by

  1. Downloading and reading the magazine on your iPads or iPhones From the App store
  2. Liking the magazine’s page on Facebook and leaving a nice comment there. You can invite your friends to like the page or share it on your timeline as well.
  3. Following EST! on Twitter

My aim is to build up a readership and finance the magazine by paid advertisements, so that I can keep the subscription rate free. If you help build circulation then my job is easier. Thank you.

Don't forget you can forward this email newsletter on to any friends who might be interested.

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