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March 01, 2013

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Do you like wine books?

Here's an Offer for you

For a strictly limited time I can offer you an extra discount from the already cut price books from Book Depository.

For example you could save over $80 on Jancis Robinson's Book Wine Grapes.

I was recently quoted $200 in a bookstore for this wonderful new book describing 1231 Wine Grape Varieties.

I managed to get it for about $130, postage included.

But wait there's more! You can get a further 10% off. That takes it to

Here's how to get the extra 10%.

I can send you a discount voucher. But I need your name and email address first to let Book Depository know you are my friend.

So please email me at and tell me your name.

I'll pass your name and email address onto Book Depository and they'll send you the coupon. Don't worry, once we have sent your vouchers, Book Depository promises the e-mail addresses will be discarded. And they won't contact you again unless you desire it.

So save yourself over $80 on your purchase. But while you are at it why not by six (and save hundreds of dollars). These are large sturdy books and you can use them as door stops until you can find some friends to give them to.

Seriously folks this 10% offer applies for Book Depository' entire range. They have a huge range of books about wine, food travel, Sci-Fi, Mills and Boon, Manga ... whatever your passion. They even stock Vinodiversity the Book.

What's the catch?

Strictly limited time on the 10% discount. Until March 15 and you have to be a verified friend. Just reply to this email asking for teh voucher invitation and I'll get Book Depository to send you a coupon.

Other news

I am using social media more often lately. You can keep in touch with the varietal wine scene via the following

Facebook I don't like FB much but it's where a lot of people hang out. I have my Vinodiversity page on Facebook here You might like to like it, if you'd like to see what I like. Like.

Pinterest I just love Pinterest You can share pix of wonderful people places, food and WINE. I've got a couple of boards going on Portugal and Galicia in anticipation of travel there soon. See my boards here

Googleplus I prefer this to FB as a contact medium. If you want to be in my Wine circle on G+, just reply to this message with a request.

Twitter I tweet as @Vinodiversity. Mainly updates on new pages at Vinodiversity but some other news stuff. Follow me if you want to be tweeted.

Italy Wine Food Pairing: My new site

I've started a new site about Italian Wine, even though I'm going to Portugal and Spain this year. If you want check out some interesting combinations or share the fun see here

Vermentino and Sardines the Musical!

Well if they can bring back JC Superstar why not reprise Vermentino and Sardines the Musical!

For one night only on Thursday 7 March at the Queen Vic Market in Melbourne. Organised by my friends at Winemakers Without Borders and part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

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