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November 29, 2012

December Newsletter from Vinodiversity

A short note to let you know you can order De Long's Wine Grape Varietal Table and Maps at a reduced price, but only for a limited time.

See the details of this offer at

Gift Idea

I have been busy updating many pages on as my database catches up with new wineries and new varieties from wine shows such as the AAVWS in Mildura in early November. You can see how your favourite Regions and Varieties are going by looking at my news page at

In other news I am developing a new website detailing my interest in Italian Wines. See This site is in it's early days as yet, but I would welcome any comments from those of you who have.

For those who like to socialise you can find me at






Don't forget you can comment on individual pages of Vinodiversity now, via a box near the bottom of the page.

Hope you have had a good year and will have an even better one next year.


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