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Menu for hope - vineyards not in valleys
December 21, 2009

Seasons greetings from Vinodiversity. Thanks for all who have supported me throughout the year. Just an email version this time.

Menu for Hope

My friends George Biron and Diane Garret are again participating in the Menu for Hope program. The idea is for food industry people and bloggers to combine to raise money for UN World Food Programme, helping to feed hungry people worldwide.

You can help out by buying a raffle ticket. You get to choose the prize. George and Di are offering a prize of a day's tuition at the famed Sunnybrae Cooking School for four people. There are lots of other prize draws that you can enter, so there is something for you no matter where you live.

See the Sunnybrae prize and the link to the other prizes at

Planning a trip to a wine region next year? Save money on Hotel Bookings

The internet makes it easy to do all of your holiday planning with the few keystrokes and a mouseclick or two. Most accommodation providers are online and you can find them easily. - "Just Google it!" you say.

Well it's not always that easy. You may not always get the best deal. The same booking at a hotel or other accommodation provider can vary according to which booking service you use. How do you know which one to use? You don't...and nor do I. So you can get the best deal if you compare all of the services, you know travelocity, hotels-dot-com, booking-dot-com, there are dozens of them! How long will it take you to find the best hotel AND the best deal?

This is where comes in. I have a partner service where you can get the best deal for all of your accommodation deals. It gives you the choice of which booking service you use, and you'll be surprised at how much the price varies.

  • You can get the best deals for hotels, motels, B'n'Bs cottages and cabins.
  • It works just as well for the Hunter Valley, King Valley, Clare Valley, Yarra Valley, Napa Valley, Rhone Valley, or Loire Valley.
  • It even works for wine regions that are not in valleys.
  • But wait there's more... it even works where there are no vineyards at all - from Broken Hill to Broome to Betws-y-Coed, Yukon to the Yucatan, Oslo to Ouyen.

So just remember just type into your browser bar. No http or www stuff. Just do it and start planning your next trip. You get to choose the best deal from the best booking service, I get a few cents from the booking service.

So off you go

Going to France? try you will find some great information about the wine regions, not generalised pap, but the nitty gritty stuff about the small local regions, for example there are eight separate guides for the appellations around Bordeaux. The information on the site is free, but you can buy a PDF version to print or load onto your hand held device or whatever for a small amount.

Next year

I am working on a new book replacing Emerging Varietal Wines of Australia, you can still buy it on Amazon, or from but wait, you can get an updated version when it's ready in a couple of months. There will be 50% more wineries and 35% more varieties covered.

Want more news? Go to for all of the updates to the vinodiversity site and a few other snippets. You can also subscribe via RSS if you know what that is.

What is puzzling you?

Remember you can ask vinodiversity - If I don't know the answer someone else might.

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