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Vintage 2008 looks better, so does Vinodiversity
May 01, 2008

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Vinodiversity's New Look; 2008 Vintage report; Small Wineries; Wine Art; Quince Time; Have Your Say; Reminders

Look, new look

Welcome to the new subscribers to Vinodiversity News. There has been quite a few sign ups recently. Don't forget you can forward this letter on to a friend, or tell them to get their own copy without dogears by going to

I've been busy giving Vinodiversity a new look and navigating system, the old pages were loking a bit dated.

The system I use means that I have to do it by hand, and it is taking much longer than I had planned. One reason for the delay is that I am revising and updating the information as I go. I am also working on getting more feedback from readers, as you will see in several stories in this Newsletter. Is the old story, the only thing that is constant is change.

So see what you think about the new pages. Start at the homepage Reply to this newsletter if you have any comments or suggestions.

2008 Vintage

The vintage is almost over and the general consensus was that it has been a lot better than 2007. Once again the vintage was early and several wineries reported problems caused by all the varieties ripening at once. Cool conditions in Eastern Australia wine regions during February allowed grapes to ripen slowly (great for wine quality) but the March heat wave in South Australia caused problems with sky high sugar levels and grapes shrivelling on the vine.

You can see what some winemakers have said at and add your own story or comments. There are already great stories by James Hook of Lazy Ballerina Wines and Peter Belej of Vincognita.

Smaller wineries

The Aussie wine industry is dominated by a few big wineries who specialise in producing fairly homogenous stuff under lots of brand names. But the real heroes of the scene, and the innovators, are nearly all small wineries. Vinodiversity is proud to help promote some of these smaller wineries via a new service at

The service includes small wineries in many regions throughout Australia. Many have a range of alternative varietals. You can select wine by region or by variety. Ordering is via a secure online system and your wine is despatched direct from the winery.

Wine Art

You make a statement about yourself with the art that you display in your home, bar, cellar door or workplace. I have been loading a few images onto the new pages of Vinodiversity. If you click on them you will be taken to an online print store. You will be surprised at how competitive the prices are, and you can use the framing service as well.

See for a selection. Buy some for yourself, or use them as gifts.

Quince Time

Late Autumn is quince time. These delightful fruits are championed by such types as Maggie Beer and George Biron. Roast them with lamb, make a quince paste or jelly, slow poach them and eat some with your morning porridge. Pair quinces with aromatic wines like Vermentino or Gerwurztraminer. See George's recipe for Roast Pork with Quinces and Myrtle here

Have your say!

Vinodiversity now includes comments from readers on a number of topics. See what others have said or add your own blurb to these pages

  • Vintage 2008:
  • Best Riesling:
  • Best wines of 2007
  • Recipes
  • General comments/Readers advice

Some reminders

You can still join this wine club as a Friend of Darby and get a bonus after you make your first purchase. See

Don't forget the Fed square wine showcase of North Eastern Victorian wineries on Wed - Thur 7-8 May see for a discounted ticket and a list of the wineries participating.

Do you have a wine related website or blog? Maybe you are planning to build upgrade one. We may be able to collaborate. Just reply to this Newsletter and we can talk about it.

Next Issue: Sangiovese and Food

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