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Vinodiversity- What was your best wine of 2007
December 27, 2007

Seasonal Greetings from Vinodiversity

My greetings have come late because I have been reading all of those generic letters people put into their Chrissie cards. (Press This Button Tim!)

I hope you have had a vinodiverse year. I certainly have. I received my membership certificate for the Wine Century club, and I visited dozens of wineries and wine shows.

What was your favourite wine of 2007?

I've listed some of mine at

I'd love to hear what you have tried. You can send in a short article (as short or as long as you like, within reason!) via the form on that page. You can get your name on the web, even a picture if you like. If you're shy you might just like to browse or comment on what others have said. In any case you will find some ideas about what might be worth tracking down in 08.

So check out


It's time to start planning your 2008 travel.

After such a hectic year you deserve a break. Maybe a wine tour or a gourmet tour with cooking lessons. Step outside the square and book yourself a themed holiday. A walking tour in France? Maybe a seafood cooking school in Nova Scotia. Closer to home you can use the brochure service to book a wine tour of the Barossa while letting someone else do the driving. The world is your oyster.

I have set up a wine tour brochure service in partnership with a travel information clearinghhouse. The deal is you browse for an interesting destination/activity then order a free brochure.

WARNING and DISCLAIMER: There are hundreds of offers in this service from naturist resorts in Indonesia to steam loco photography in Mayamar, to a residential batik school in Bulgaria (true!) I have to admit I haven't actually tried all of these activities, but I can arrange for a brochure to be sent to you. After that you are on your own!

I reckon you can add to your holiday by building in an organised activity even if you mostly do your own thing and travel independently. Many of the offers in this service are for short wine or gourmet tours and cooking schools. I'm sure you will find something to tickle your fancy. You don't need to do a complete tour where you are herded onto and off a bus (even if they call it a coach, its still a bus) with dozens of people you wouldn't be seen dead with.

Get yourself a brochure from or just click on the footer bar of any Vinodiversity page.


Need to restock the cellar?

See what you can find at the Vinodiversity wine club or see some of the Weekly Specials



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