What is the Value of this Vintage Wine

A reader asks:

I have a bottle of 1971 Jaboulet-Verecherre from France made by J-V Tavel. Any info?

Darby replies

I get asked questions like this from time to time> People find a bottle hidden in the back of a wardrobe or somewhere and think they may have found a 1930 penny.

In this case the wine is over 40 years old and is almost certainly undrinkable.

Only a few wines will last more than 10-20 years even with good cellaring, and they probably only be kept by knowledgeable wine buffs.

Tavel is a region in the Rhone Valley of France best known for its rose. It was fashionable half a century ago but seems to have gone out of vogue.

Jaboulet is the name of a prominent wine producer/merchant in the Rhone Valley, best known for their production of mass marketed wine.

My general advice for older wines is to drink them yourself.

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