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A native of Portugal and the island of Madeira, this white wine variety is used mainly for the production of fortified wines (White Port and Madeira.) Over recent years it has also been used for table wines. In Australia Verdelho has been used to make table wines especially in Western Australia and the Hunter Valley in NSW. It has become increasingly popular in many other districts.
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The small plantings of this rare white variety are concentrated mainly on the Islands of Corsica and Sardegna in the Mediterranean, with a tiny amount gown on the Italian mainland. Vine cuttings arrived in Australia a few years ago and were only released from quarantine recently.
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A white wine variety grown in the Fruili and Veneto wine regions in North Eastern Italy. It has a number of subvarieties, and is capable of producing a range of wine styles from dry to sweet.

Wine from this variety is made in by Bainchet in the Yarra Valley and Pizzini in the King Valley.

Villard Blanc

A French hybrid variety grown in the Eastern United States. It is known for producing wine with high acid levels,. In Australia it is grown by Two Tails Wines in the Northern Rivers Zone.


A white wine variety from Condrieu, a corner of the Rhone Valley. It has gone from an obscure, almost forgotten relic to a fashion idol in a few short years.

In the first decade of the twenty first century this variety is contending with Pinot grigio as the hottest white wine variety in Australia. At best the wines are seductive and voluptuous, but the rush to produce wine from this variety has lead to a few disappointing results. More about Viognier

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