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Aka Palomino fino. The predominant variety in Jerez where it makes Sherry. It is grown elsewhere in Spain, and indeed throughout the warmer wine growing areas of where it is used for sherry style wines and undistinguished dry white table wines.

Pedro Ximenez

Grown in the Montilla-Moriles area near Jerez this variety is blended with Palomino to add sweetness in some styles of Sherry. On its own it makes a dark, viscous desert wine.

Petit manseng

A white wine variety from South West France. Some consider it to be the same variety as Albarino It is grown for its floral fruity flavours along with high acidity and is increasing in popularity in the Languedoc and California. Gapsted in NE Victoria are pioneering the variety in Australia.

Petit verdot

One of the Bordeaux red wine varieties. Its late ripening presents a problem on its cool home turf but in the warmer areas of Australia it is producing some great wines. more


A rare North Eastern Italian white wine variety, represented in Australia by some plantings at Di Lusso Estate in Mudgee. more


A white wine variety from the Languedoc region where it is noted for producing wines with high acidity. Symphony Hill Wines in the Granite Belt region of Queensland have some plantings.

Pinot Chardonnay

Once a synonym for Chardonnay, this name no longer used as it just doesn't make sense. On sparkling wine labels it indicates that the varieties used were Pinot noir and Chardonnay, presumably with a majority of the former.

Pinot grigio/pinot gris

Grey pinot under Italian and French names it can make sweet or dry white wines. The variety is spreading from north east Italy and Alsace (where it is called Tokay-Pinot gris) to California and of course Australia. It is vying with Viognier for the mantle of the hottest new white variety in the new century. more

Pinot meunier

This red grape variety is sometimes referred to as Meunier. The name means Miller's pinot, so called because of the underside of the leaves are covered with tiny hairs giving the impression that they have been dusted with flour. One of the three grape varieties of Champagne. For many years Bests have produced a brilliant lighter style red wine from their Great Western Vineyard. There is now some interest in the variety, both for sparkling wine and for red.

Pinot nior

THE grape of Burgundy, but it is also a component of Champagne. It is grown elsewhere in the world with mixed success in the bottle but has a disproportionate amount of space given to it in the press.


Short for Pedro Ximinez (see above)


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