London, UK Certified Sake Sommelier Course


The Sake Sommelier Association (SSA) Courses are the first professional Sake Sommelier qualifications in the UK.

Currently the course is formed in two parts, (Day1/Module 1): The introductory sake sommelier, an entry-level qualification in sake, and (Day2/Module 2): The Certified Sake Sommelier, the first certification of Sake sommelier in the world.

Introductory Sake Sommelier (Day1/Module 1)

Introductory Sake sommelier is an entry-level qualification-providing an introduction to sake. It is a great day for you to discover more of the Japanese sake history and culture. Ideal for boosting your confidence in sake after this first day you will already be able to increase sales and expand your sake list.

This first day course will give you grounding in

• Sake history, Sake production, Sake terminology and classifications, Sake tasting by categories

Certified Sake Sommelier (Day2/Module 2)

Progressing on from the Introductory sake sommelier, the second module of the course is a further one day course and is intended to enable students to gain an higher level of understanding for those aspiring to become sake sommeliers and deals with all aspects of sake including production methods and their variations, the sake industry as well as providing a deeper grasp of other aspects that affect sake, such as maturity, temperature and aromatic profiles.

This second day course is designed to help you learn and understand

• Sake labelling and techniques to read

• Vertical Sake tasting by types.

• How to introduce sake to customers

• Professional issues including purchasing, storage and sake vessels

• Understand the science of Umami and its relationship to sake.

On successful completion of the course you will be presented with an official SSA certificate and lapel pin and will have become a certified Sake Sommelier! With your knowledge acquired during the two days course of Sake sommelier, you should be also comfortable presenting in house sake training and educational programs to the public-at-large and the beverage industry.

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