How to build a wine website

Anyone can build a website, but can you make it a success?
You are now reading one of the top wine websites in the the world. Says Who?

Well I do, but if you want another opinion check out Cellarer's top 100 wine website lists. Vinodiversity comes in at 48. (January 2012)

But there's even more proof of Vinodiversity's ranking below...

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Twitter can help

You can supplement your website's traffic by using Twitter effectively.
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Effective Tweeting for Wineries is the leading independent authority on assessing traffic to websites. They use a sample of some tens of millions of web users and track the websites they visit. They compile a league table from the results of millions of web users worldwide. These statistics are robust and widely accepted by web professionals.

  • is ranked No 1.
  • Facebook is Number 2.
  • Youtube is Number 3.
  • Twitter is Number 10.
...And so it goes

You can check the ranking of your website by using this tool
Click on "Get to the Point Demo" on that page

You can also check and see what the ranking of your competitors are. Have a play around with it. As a general rule I reckon wine sites should be in the top 2,000,000 or so to show a decent level of traffic.

Where does Vinodiversity Stand?

I Looked at my ranking in late March 2012.

Worldwide rank 401,777

Rank in Australia 8,267

Not bad if I say so myself, but what about a competitor.

Some of my readers will have heard of James Halliday, author of the Australian Wine Companion. He should rank well. He has a huge publisher behind him. His niche is much broader, covering the whole Aussie wine industry, not just the marginal varieties. So I checked out

So the score in Australia

  • 1 Google
  • 8,627 Darby
  • 11,561 James

How does Vinodiversity rank so highly

Well you may have noticed that Vinodiversity is not especially pretty. It doesn't have bells and whistles. There are no fancy shenanigans, just lots of information.

So what is my secret?

I'd like to tell you that it is due to my astounding wine knowledge, intellectual brilliance and captivating personal charisma.

... but that's not exactly true.

I use a system called SiteBuildIt. It's both a way of building a website AND a course on how to use the web to sell your wares.

No matter what you are selling - wine, wine tours, wine accommodation or wine related goods you need a site that gets your message in front of potential customers.

SBI makes site building non-technical. So I can concentrate on getting information to customers and suggesting products for them to buy.

All of the tools needed are included, but most importantly, each tool comes with loads of information about how to use it, not just the technical details, but how to use it to generate business. There are tools I didn't know I needed, like keyword checkers, page structure and meta data checkers, search engine submission and monitoring services, link checkers, traffic analysis tools.

You can buy all of these tools and services separately but they would cost a bomb. With SBI they're included, and you don't have to learn how to integrate them.

Can you have a successful website too?

You bet! and it will cost you much less than you think. I'm astounded that people pay out tens of thousands of dollars, then wait months for a website that does not attract traffic.

In December my Vinodiversity website attracted 19,000 unique visitors. I do no paid advertising and my hosting fee, including the domain name cost me USD 299 a year. That's right under three hundred dollars per year and my site was read by about 200,000 people.

You can build a site for your business yourself, but probably you are too busy with the day to day stuff.

You can get a quality site built for you for the price you'd pay for a single ad in a daily newspaper. Sitesell services will do al this for you.

And if you want to see how this system has helped other check out the case studies of people who have used Site Sell Services.

If you are in Australia you might like to call me on 03 9397 7971 to discuss this service, or you can contact Sitesell Services directly via this page Yes, you can talk to a human and decide if this is the right package for you.

If you are serious about getting some traffic to your wine website you may wish to exchange links with Vinodiversity. Vinodiversity's Link Buillding System

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