A Directory of Wine Grape Varieties in Australia

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This directory aims to include all of alternative varieties used to make Australian wine. Various sources have been used to compile this Directory. It is subject to revision. You can help by sending feedback about errors or omissions.



An Italian red grape variety, grown in its native Piedmonte to produce everyday wines. It name translates as 'little sweet one.' There is some interest in the variety in Australia. Producers include Bests Wines in the Grampians wine region, Warrenmang in the Pyrenees, Box Stallion on The Mornington Peninsula, Brown Brothers, Ciavarella and La Cantina in the King Valley, Catherine Vale Vineyard in the Hunter Valley and Turkey Flat in the Barossa.


A high yielding white grape variety used mainly for making wine for distillation into brandy and fortifying spirit. Angoves in the Riverland region of South Australia use this variety.


A Rhone red wine variety characterised by firm tannins and the potential to make high alcohol wines. The variet was once associated with Rutherglen, but In recent years this variety has been grown in the warmer areas of Australia. It is becoming increasing popular.


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