A Directory of Wine Grape Varieties in Australia

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This directory aims to include all of alternative varieties used to make Australian wine. Various sources have been used to compile this Directory. It is subject to revision. You can help by sending feedback about errors or omissions.


Baco noir

This variety, also known as Baco 1, is a French Hybrid, in other words a cross between a European grape variety and an American species. The variety is named after its developer, Francois Baco. These varieties were developed in response to the destruction of vineyards throughout the world wrought by the Phylloxera pest. Baco Noir is grown in New York State and Canada. In Australia the sole vineyard that I know that is using Baco noir is Three Willows Vineyard in Northern Tasmania. There is also a Baco Blanc (aka Baco 22A) but I don't think it is used in Australia.


An Italian red wine variety from Piedmont. It can be regarded as the little brother of Nebbiolo. It is known for producing wine with low tannin and good colour. Barbera is favoured for fruity low acid wines intended for consuming young.

In Australia there are considerable new plantings of this variety especially in the Hunter Valley, North Eastern Victoria and South Australia. Barbera wines thus have an assured future in Australia, even if the variety may not be destined for greatness.

More about Barbera


A Portuguese variety used mainly for Port. Happs and Marybrook Vineyards in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, and Kies in the Barossa Valley grow Bastado.


An Italian white wine variety used to make dessert wines. Grown in South Australia by Angoves, and in Victoria by Lake Moodemere and Mount Anakie.

Blue Imperial

Synonym for Cinsaut


An aromatic red Italian grape variety that is used in the Piemonte region to make light bodied sparkling wines. Perhaps the best description is to say they are like a red Moscato. Pizzini from the King Valley are pioneering the variety in Australia.

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