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Wine shops vary in the range of varieties they stock. Most cover the mainstream varieties fairly well, but few of the exciting new wines that Vinodiversity types love. This directory aims to give Vinodiversity readers a chance to share information about their favourite wine shop, licenced grocer, cellar, off-licence, wine merchant, liquor it what you will.

Who is this directory for?

If you love alternative varietal wines then this directory is for you. I hope it will help you find a good place to find and try some of the many varietal wines you find described on this site. And of course if you already have a good wine supplier then perhaps you can share the joy. Other readers will appreciate the tip, and your friendly supplier will perhaps appreciate the extra trade.

This latter point is important given the dominance of supermarkets in the Australian retail wine market. Supermarkets are great at distributing homogenised product. If that's what you want, fine but many of us want variety in our life.

How this wine shop directory works

This directory relies on reader contributions. They are not necessarily endorsed by Vinodiversity. To qualify for inclusion the store should have a good range of alternative varietal wines - that is wines made from varieties other than Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon, Riesling

Simply fill out the form below describing your favourite wine shop.

Include such information as the name and location of the store, some of the alternative varieties that they stock, do they have regular in-store tastings, do they have mainly imported or Australian wines, do they sell online, etc. Most importantly include some comments about your experience in the store - what makes it special for you? How often do you shop there? Maybe you'd like to tell us about an interesting recent purchase.

All comments will be moderated. This may take a few days depending on my availability and workload. I will approve or reject submissions as they stand with only minor editing for typos etc.

Who can contribute

This directory will be mainly reader contributions. All Vinodiversity readers are welcome to add their favourite

If you own a wine shop you can contribute but please identify yourself as the owner. Don't try to fool us with fake endorsements. What goes around comes around on the web.

If you are a winemaker and you are recommending one of your retail outlets you are welcome to contribute, but again please declare your relationship.

Tell us about your favourite alternative wine shop

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