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About Vinodiversity

As a wine consumer you have probably tried dozens of wines made from the classic varieties. But there is much more to wine than this.

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I started this website in 2004, after the Australian wine industry had undergone a massive transformation, huge increase in volume of wine produced, and exported.  That was the headline through the 1990s and into this century.  At the same time the number of producers of wine grew from a few hundred to something over two thousand.

The  growth in volume has slowed down, and the number of producers has stabilised but a quiet revolution was happening in the background.

There are more varieties and styles on offer. Wine pioneers with a sense of adventure, passion and entrepreneurship have been planting new (and renewed) varieties in more and more districts. In this context the term 'new varietals' includes some classic varieties that had limited attention in Australia, such as Tempranillo, and others such as Grenache which have been around for a long time but are undergoing a revival. A few varieties are represented in Australia by just one or a mere handful of growers. Other new varietals, such as Pinot grigio are now commonplace. But everywhere the buzz is growing.

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