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Ever since Google started its search engine inbound links have been a major concern for webmasters, or at least those who actually want their website read. I still receive many requests for link exchanges from related, and very often unrelated websites.

At first the number of inbound links was an important factor in Google's assessment of a site. as less scrupulous operators tried to game this by creating lots of meaningless links Google quickly adapted its algorithm to take more account of quality, rather than quantity of the links. This is an ongoing process as the gamers try more and more devious tricks in a futile attempt to fool the algorithm. Guess what? Google always wins and sooner or later penalises spammy sites, or sites that use underhand systems to generate inbound links.

There are many systems and websites which will generate links for you, but virtually none of them are much good, the vast majority are actually harmful. Google says "if this site is any good why does it need all of these inbound links from spammy sites?"

So How Can Good Websites Get Useful Inbound Links

The answer is quality. If you provide quality information people will want to link to your website, in a meaningful way. They want to share your information with their readers. If the links are an artificial device to try to fool Google into ranking your site higher, then you will fail, so concentrate on giving your readers a positive experience.

Do you want to share your quality information with Vinodiversity's readers? Great! Here's what to do.

Join Value exchange

This is a system for webmasters who care about quality information to share value, not links.

Go to Value Exchange and register your site. That's the form at the bottom.

Also if you look carefully under Tip #2 you will see a link to download a free ebook Make Your Links Work. This could be the best reading you do for a long time.

After you have registered for Value Exchange and you think your site provides something of value for my readership then you may wish to contact me and discuss how we might exchange value for our readers.

If you are serious about having a good website about wine you should read my article How to Build a Wine Website

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